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At Kurt Bohmer Plumbing Inc., we specialize in garbage disposal installation in Ventura. When you need a professional for garbage disposal repair in Ventura, CA, you can count on our experienced technicians. We have served the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys since 1964 and can fix any garbage disposal problem for homeowners in the San Fernando Valley and Ventura County as well.

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If your garbage disposal becomes clogged or jammed, it can create big plumbing problems. Fortunately, our technicians are familiar with every type of garbage disposal issue, system, and part. We can remove stubborn clogs and check for any damage they may have caused. Whether your kitchen drain has clogged up or you are looking for an upgrade, you can count on Kurt Bohmer Plumbing.

Garbage Disposal Repair in Ventura

It’s not uncommon for food items and scraps to get stuck in a garbage disposal. The same goes for a buildup of fat or grease in the drain or underlying pipe. Celery and other fibrous foods tend to clog up units as well. Even sponges, straws, and the occasional piece of silverware can end up down there. When your garbage disposal gets clogged, it can lead to clogs farther down the drain line.

Common issues that warrant repairs include:

  • Jams: Food and non-food items and hard-to-grind materials can interfere with garbage disposal blades.
  • Leaks: Seals can wear out, allowing odors and even waste to escape back up the drain; the results range from water damage to health-related issues.
  • The unit won’t work: If the device doesn’t work, it may require a reset or adjustment to its connection.
  • Noise: A humming sound can indicate that the motor or impeller inside the disposal has burnt out.
  • Poor/no drainage: Food items may not be getting chopped up well and the waste materials have clogged the drain pipe.

Fortunately, Kurt Bohmer Plumbing can repair just about any brand or type of garbage disposal. Our technicians can restore its function and extend its life for several more years. We offer 24/7 emergency service in Santa Clarita, Palmdale, Lancaster, and Ventura.

Garbage Disposal Installation in Ventura

Kurt Bohmer Plumbing can help with a brand-new installation or if you’re looking to replace or upgrade your existing unit. We can help find one that best suits your household needs and budget. Homeowners also rely on us to install a unit from any manufacturer and properly connect it to the plumbing system and power source. In addition, we test every system before we’re done, ensuring your garbage disposal is free of any issues from the start.

Expert Garbage Disposal Service Is Just a Phone Call Away

Whether you need a new garbage disposal, to get your existing unit fixed, or help with a kitchen remodeling project, you can count on Kurt Bohmer Plumbing. Call 661-251-5915 or contact us online, today.

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Kurt Bohmer would be happy to install a new garbage disposal, during kitchen remodeling or otherwise. We also install hot water dispensers and filters, Kurt Bohmer's Plumbing is unbeaten in customer care and is your trusted local plumber in the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys. Call us at 661-251-5915 today to request service.
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