Santa Clarita Sewer Repair and Replacement Service

Kurt Bohmer Plumbing Inc. specializes in modern sewer and pipe replacement techniques that avoid costly and time-consuming excavations on your property. We employ the Pipe Pull method so removing trees, concrete, grass, and entire lawns isn’t necessary. Customers throughout the Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, Antelope Valley, and Ventura County rely on our expert services to restore their sewer and plumbing service.


Our Sewer Services

Our licensed, experienced plumbing contractors are trained to handle common sewer line problems such as:

  • Sewer Leaks: Often difficult to detect, a sewer leak can do a great deal of damage. We use advanced methods to find the source and correct the problem.
  • Sewer Blockages: Foreign objects that pass through your drains and pipes, or a buildup of grease, can blog sewer lines and prevent water from flowing normally, causing backups, poor drainage, and foul odors.
  • Damaged Pipes: Over time, sewer pipes can crack or develop holes. They may also collapse due to corrosion, freezing and thawing, shifting soil, ground settling, and other factors.
  • Leaky Joints: Sometimes the pipe itself is intact but the joints or seals between them break or start to decay, creating an escape point for water.
  • Tree Roots: Tree roots are attracted to water sources; they can encroach on, crush, puncture, and grow inside the sewer line, clogging it up or creating major leaks.

If signs of a sewer line problem are affecting your home or business, we can provide plumbing service to address the issue directly and efficiently. You can depend on our team to quickly address symptoms or potential causes of sewer problems, including:

  • Garbage Disposal Clogs: Hot grease and fat can quickly cool and solidify, blocking pipes all the way to sewer lines serving your home.
  • Bathroom Sink Clogs: The cause may be in or near the drain, your home’s pipes, or deep in the sewer line where water cannot pass through due to unseen problems.
  • Kitchen Drain Clogs: Kitchen drains are prone to clogging from normal use, but, if multiple drains clog up, there could be a blockage or break in the sewer pipe.

Stress-Free Sewer Repair

Soggy patches of grass or indentations in your lawn can result from a broken sewer line. If you notice these or other signs of a sewer problem, then contact Kurt Bohmer Plumbing. Our Santa Clarita sewer repair professionals can use the Pipe Pull method, in which a cone-shaped installation tool is used to draw new pipe through the sewer line. It pulls the replacement pipe into the path of the old, damaged line to provide a code approved, leak-, chemical-, and acid-resistant installation.

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If you need sewer repair for your home or business, Kurt Bohmer Plumbing Inc. offers an affordable, non-destructive solution to your problem. Request service by contacting us online or calling 661-251-5915.
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