Repiping Service in Santa Clarita & Antelope Valley and Surrounding Areas

Are you experiencing low pressure, rusty water, or leaky pipes? If so, then it could be time to repipe your plumbing!

While many homeowners dread the idea of having to repipe, the process doesn’t have to be dreadful; in fact, some repiping jobs take only one day to complete. But how can you tell whether it’s time for repiping service or not?

If you’re not sure, call the repiping specialists at Kurt Bohmer Plumbing for a free estimate. Our experienced team can provide repiping in Santa Clarita or Palmdale with a focus on quality, efficiency, and attention to detail.

Repipe or Repair?

Plumber fixing a sink at home

Repiping can be a big job, leaving many people to wonder whether a certain plumbing problem requires an entire repipe or just a small repair.

In some cases, a small repair might be enough to fix isolated problems. For example, while leaks are often a sign it’s time to repipe your home, they’re also a sign of a worn-out gasket or loose fitting. In any case, if the problem is contained to a single area and your pipes are relatively new, then you probably won’t need to repipe.

On the other hand, older plumbing systems with multiple problems often require a repiping service. In fact, many of these problems occur long after the repiping should’ve been done! As a result, keep a close eye on the pipes in your home to detect early signs and avoid greater damage.

Signs That It’s Time to Repipe

Plumbing systems in need of a repiping service can cause the following problems:
  • Low water pressure: Pressure may be inconsistent or decrease over time due to a variety of plumbing problems.
  • Rusty water and/or rust particles in water: Extensive corrosion can cause rust particles to enter your water supply.
  • Smelly/bad tasting water: Pipe deterioration can lead to odors and foul tastes in drinking water; poor water quality can be a health hazard.
  • Leaky pipes: Water leaks in multiple areas plus other signs of pipe trouble mean you should strongly consider repiping.
  • Stained laundry: Discoloration of your laundry, bathtub, toilet, sinks, or dishwasher can mean you have a serious plumbing problem.
  • Sudden changes in water temperature (temperature shock): The temperature may fluctuate dramatically or hardly change when you try to adjust it.
  • Faulty valves: These make it hard to control or shut off the plumbing system when necessary; valve issues can accompany trouble throughout your piping.
  • Slab leaks: Cracks or holes in concrete foundations caused by leaking water, which can eventually compromise the structural integrity of your home.
Ignoring these signs can cause long-term, expensive damage to your home if left unchecked. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, don’t wait—we’re here to help. Call to schedule repiping in Santa Clarita today and receive a free repiping estimate!

When Should I Suspect Repiping Is the Best Solution?

Homes typically most in need of repiping are those built prior to 1970. Before then, most homes were fitted with galvanized iron or copper pipes, which are susceptible to corrosion and rust over time. These are responsible for many common plumbing problems in Santa Clarita. And if you experience multiple signs of trouble, which get worse over time, and need frequent plumbing repairs, repiping is more economical in the long run.
In addition, homes built between the 1970s and 1990s often used polybutylene plumbing pipes. The problem with polybutylene is it becomes brittle as it gets older. This increases the risks of burst pipes and water damage. Furthermore, if you have city water that is chemically treated or chlorinated, they speed up the aging process of polybutylene. So instead of waiting for your pipes to burst, get your house repiped for peace of mind.

Whole Home Repiping

The whole home repiping process can take days up to a week to complete depending on the size of your home and ease of accessing plumbing pipes. To give you an idea of what is involved, here’s the whole home repiping process from start to finish:

Step 1: Prepare Your Home

Before our plumbers get to work, it is essential to prepare the areas where we need to access plumbing pipes. While we will cover all your furniture with plastic, we recommend you take time to clean out under sink cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. It is also a good idea to declutter countertops and put away any items you usually leave on the countertops near the sinks.

Step 2: Whole Home Repiping

After shutting off the water in your home, our plumbers will start in one area and gradually move to others. We require full access to areas where plumbing lines are run, like in your basement or crawl space, kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room. We also need access to the area where your water heater is installed. Your old plumbing pipes are removed and replaced with new ones. When necessary, we will cut small holes into the drywall throughout the house to access your pipes.

Step 3: Testing

Once all your plumbing pipes have been replaced and your water turned back on, the entire plumbing system is inspected for leaks and pressure tested. We also verify you have hot water at each of your faucets.

Step 4: Whole House Repiping Cleanup

Our plumbers will clean up after your whole house repiping project is complete. We sweep or vacuum up drywall dust, remove plastic from your furniture, and dispose of your old plumbing pipes. We have a team of drywall experts that will patch up any holes we made and paint them to match your existing wall colors.

Benefits of Repiping

A system-wide solution, repiping addresses the plumbing issues that affect taking showers, washing dishes, watering the lawn, and washing laundry. Repiping also enables you to use all faucets and fixtures at the same time. Additional benefits of repiping include:
  • Superior water pressure throughout your home
  • Improved delivery of hot water
  • New pipes that are more resistant to leaks
  • Elimination of costly water damage repair bills
  • Money saved on water lost to an inefficient system
  • Increase in property value

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Kurt Bohmer Plumbing provides repiping service to customers in the Santa Clarita Valley, Antelope Valley and San Fernando Valley, as well as Ventura County. When you need your pipes serviced or redone, we have you covered. Our licensed plumbing technicians manage every step of the process to make repiping a stress-free experience. Before we get to work, we perform a complete inspection of your home plumbing system. If repiping is necessary, we’ll handle any local permitting requirements and help select the best materials to work with. Our plumbers temporarily shut off your water service. They also protect your home and belongings with plastic coverings. We can precisely locate the pipes behind your walls. Holes are cut only where needed, and we’ll patch up and repaint any access areas. After the project is done, you won’t even know we were there. With our repiping service, you and your family can enjoy comfortable showers, clean water, peace of mind, and all the other benefits that come with a new plumbing system. Better yet, most repiping projects can be completed within 1 to 3 days. To save, please see our online coupons, which we offer for repiping and many other plumbing services. For more information and a free quote on repiping in Santa Clarita, Palmdale, and surrounding areas, call our team of trained professionals at 661-251-5915.
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