Complete Septic System Pumping, Repair and Replacement Septic Certifications for All Escrows

Septic systems and cesspools are common in areas where city sewers are not yet available for removing waste and sewage from a home or business. A septic tank is usually made from concrete and has two parts with a divider in the middle that separates liquids waste from solid. Septic tank pumping is part of normal maintenance and can prevent major issues from coming up. When a property is sold, cesspools and septic tanks have to be certified to verify proper function.

Leech lines and cesspools allow the dirty water (or effluent) to be absorbed into the surrounding dirt. Most septic systems will incorporate one of these in combination with a septic tank to work at peak performance. All of these pieces of a septic system need regular maintenance and service to function.

Septic systems and cesspools

Certified and Experienced Septic Services

Septic pumping, service and installation require special certification. Inspecting and providing a septic certification can only be done by a company licensed to do so. Kurt Bohmer's Plumbing has been in the septic and cesspool business for years and is the best established company around.

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