Ventura Plumbing Services

Ventura locals deserve the highest quality of plumbing services. Kurt Bohmer Plumbing is proud to extend our plumbing services to the Ventura community.

A trusted plumbing company with 25-plus years of experience that allows us to meet your needs—day or night—we offer a wide range of services that never compromise on quality.

Our past work gives us the skills to identify your Ventura County plumbing issues and act accordingly.

Let’s dive into the services we offer Ventura residents seven days a week.

Drain Service

Drain blockages have the potential to ruin your week. Kurt Bohmer Plumbing has the tools and technology to solve your drain blockage in no time.

Our first step is to use special drain and sewer cameras to inspect your pipes. The next step involves using hydro-jetting to clear your stubborn blockage.

Water Heater Service

Water trouble can manifest itself in several ways. Consistently cold water is usually a tell-tale sign that your water heater is malfunctioning. The initial step is to evaluate your water heater for repairs.

Some water heaters will suffer damage that’s beyond repair. Replacing your water heater will be the next step if repairs aren’t a suitable option.

Garbage Disposal Service

Garbage disposals with jams or clogs can open up a world of plumbing problems. Our plumbers in Ventura County will clear your garbage disposal’s clogs and jams at the drop of a hat.

Our expert team will then inspect your garbage disposal for further issues.

Typical garbage disposal issues include:

  • Leaks
  • Issues that cause noise
  • Poor drainage
  • A disposal system that’s failing to operate

Septic System Service

A functioning septic system should provide maintenance that prevents problems. These tanks use reliable technology to treat wastewater. You can trust Kurt Bohmer Plumbing to ensure that your septic system is functioning at optimal levels.

Routine cesspool and leach line maintenance is another tool in our belt. We’ll be happy to assist you in your needs.

Backflow Prevention Service

Backflow issues are a recipe for failure. Improper backflow containment results in unhealthy elements invading your home’s fixtures and faucets. Chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides are components that insufficient backflow can present.

Hiring one of our Ventura plumbers allows you to test and maintain backflow valves and preventers. The results are nothing short of exceptional.

Additional Ventura Kurt Bohmer Plumbing Repairs

Our residential and commercial professional plumbers have what it takes to give your pipes an upgrade. Pipes need replacement once they experience corrosion from common factors like rust. Wave goodbye to insufficient pipes and say hello to the new with Kurt Bohmer’s repiping services.

Do your best to request an inspection if your pipes:

  • Consistently produce low water pressure
  • Emit rusty water
  • Contain leakage

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